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Welcome to the Hall of Shame, where we remember games that are too awfully fake to be forgotten, and posted to r/gameverifying for all to see. If your game is verified to be fake and of a "top quality" knockoff, expect to see it here soon.

Ace Combat 2 (PS1)

A legendary combat flight simulator, re-released under PlayStation's "The Best" budget-label. Then bootlegged under the "BEST PS" label...

  • Disc: No markings detailing it's a PlayStation format disc whatsoever, just a poorly cropped Ace Combat 2 logo; clear CD-ROM as opposed to Sony's black PlayStation discs.
  • Case: "BEST PS" slapped on front and back, nothing in the blurb, just a rough control scheme for classic PS1 and NegCon controllers, other icons detailing barely anything noteworthy.
BEST PS? Worst Bootleg...

Cars: Race O'Rama (DS)

When you go so far to create covers, instruction manuals and slips for your fake cart, don't follow in this bootleg's footsteps.

  • Front: Label wrong size, ESRB smashed in with a hammer, ONSoQ wrong colour and pixelated, Nintendo logo wrong font and slightly skewed, serial code in wrong font, PAL format and relates to Driving Theory Training.
  • Manual: Beige. Just beige. Dodgy font.
Poorly printed manual? You're in for a treat!

No More Heroes (Wii)

I literally have no words for this. It's much easier sharing the lot.

  • Front: Cover uses the EU release art with ESRB in wrong position; publisher's name blurred; Nintendo logo wrong font; Wii logo wrong font and spline shape, no TM.
  • Back: Blurb overlaid on top Wii border; double printed in places; "Sony Computer Entertainment" logo on a Wii game; barcode relates to "Tears of the Sun" - a film with Bruce Willis; utilises the information for Conflict: Global Terror on the PS2; some forum post regarding Grandia III and Syphon Filter for the PSP.
  • Disc: Notably printed using a coloured LightScribe disc, matte finish; Wii logo incorrect, evidently not an official Wii casing.
This is tame compared to what's to come.
The more you stare, the worse it gets.
Not the worst, but certainly not the best.

Pokemon: FireRed (GBA)

0/10 for effort.

  • Front: No ESRB, ONSoQ, Nintendo logo; label too rounded and larger than the OG label, print offset; "GAME" instead of "GAMEBOY ADVANCE"; casing grey and not translucent light red.
Just... no.

Pokemon: HeartGold (DS)

Here's a hard game to bootleg, and here's how not to do it.

  • Front: ESRB "E" too thin, NTR-IPKE-USA wrong font, DS logo ares too small, HeartGold background wrong colour, cart is grey with noticeable concave indents similar to a flashcart, margin between sticker and casing too thin.
  • Back: SD card in top of casing (at least you can use other games...), red PCB, no lettering whatsoever; only 2x plastic contact guards, no NTR code/patent/serial stamp.
GameFreak would not love this.
No redeeming factors whatsoever.

Pokemon: Sapphire (GBA)

This is fine.

  • Front: ESRB as Rating Pending, should be E; "Liensed" by Nintendo (this is a first-party game - when not bootlegged); label fitted by Stevie Wonder and is the box cover; "GAMEBOY ADVANCE" too thick and offset; casing grey and not transparent blue.
There was an attempt, it wasn't a good attempt.

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