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  • DS

    • NTR-005

      Depository for the NTR-005 line of Nintendo DS cartridges.

    • NTR-031

      Depository for the NTR-031 line of Nintendo DS cartridges.

  • 3DS

    • CTR-005

      Depository for the CTR-005 line of Nintendo 3DS cartridges.

  • Advance

    Depository for the Advance line of Nintendo Game Boy cartridges.

Adding images to the depository

If you want to add to the current Authentic Game Cartridge Image Depository, please make sure to do these following things, before sending an Imgur link to the moderator team and notifying them about your case:

  • YOUR CARTRIDGE IS AUTHENTIC. Any inauthentic copies will not be accepted.
  • The image is adequately lit in order to preserve all available cartridge details.
  • The quality of the image that you are submitting are at least full HD (1080p) or 4K so that the details of the cartridge can be clearly shown.
  • The dimensions of the image are at a 1:1 ratio scale/less than 1500 pixels but roughly more than 1200 pixels so that it doesn't take up too much data space whilst still being high-resolution.
  • The images of your cartridge include the front AND back of the cartridge.
  • The color of the images are set to neutral or realistically reflect what they look like in real life.
  • Contact the moderators first via Discord, in order to notify them that you want to aid the sub with your image set.